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Supreme Textile Excellence

You can count on our global expertise & dependable partnership in the textile.

Manufacturer & exporter of Tufted Products

Qamar Tufting Overview

We are the only manufacturer in PAKISTAN of tufted chenille products in bulk quantity.

Production Capacity

We can produce 15,000 sets per month as per customer requirement.

Company History

Since 1992, Qamar Tufting is operating in textile as a manufacturer and exporter.

Fabric Designs

From traditional, contemporary, or even customized designs as your preferences.

About Qamar Tufting

Established Textile Brand in the Market Since 1992

Building and maintaining a successful brand for over three decades is no easy feat. our textile brand has been a market leader, setting industry standards and providing superior textile products to customers around the world.

  • Contemporary market patterns
  • Collaborate with other brands
  • Maintain quality standards
  • Diversify product offerings
  • Prioritize customer experience
  • Tested and Certified

Manufacturer and Exporter - Range of Tufted Products.


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Unwavering Dedication To Excellence in Every Step

Transforming raw materials into exceptional products through our meticulous production process.

Qamar Tufting is a Manufacturer

of Textile Goods

Quantitative specifications

We adhere to Occupational Health & Safety Standards

We provide health promotion solutions that are tailored to the workplace and designed to encourage participation, as developed by our team of health experts.

Job Site Safety

We maintain a safe workplace environment for our employees.

Nurturing Atmosphere

We created a safe and healthful work environment.